Grow table set up!

I’ve been battling a cold, but I figured I could at least post a few pics of the new setup.

Last year, I used a couple shelving units I bought at Home Depot. I fashioned two of these together, creating a 3′ x 4′ surface. I lined the entire shelf with 3mil plastic sheeting to catch water and used a couple florescent shop lights from an old “fish room” setup. The lights were on a makeshift pulley system so I could raise the lights as the plants grew. The 8-bulbs created enough light to grow the plants out nicely.I really had no problems with leggy seedlings. 20190427_102838.jpg

You can see how crowded the area became. I had 5 tomato varieties. The front left shows Marsh Mallows. Far in the back were tons of pepper plants.

Space is an issue. I needed more. Erica already has agreed to at least 2 more raised beds. We also have started keeping more and more plants that need to be overwintered. The lightbulbs, also, aren’t ideal. When I purchased them 6-or-so years ago were already becoming obsolete. I need to upgrade.

I picked up a cheap plywood and three 1″x4″. I cut off a foot of the plywood. the 1″x4″ have become the walls. I, again, lined the entire table with 3mil plastic. I now have a 3’x8′ table, doubling the area I had for seedlings from last year.20200104_132025

As for lights, I really lucked out. My mother-in-law decided to tear down her marine fish tank. We had purchased 3 LED high intensity lights for the corals. I have these hanging above the table providing a wide spectrum light. As the seedlings begin to grow, I’ll decide if I need to lower the lights or adjust the intensity. 20200104_132031 So, now, all I have to do is wait. I already have a couple plants under the tent. Ginger and sweet potatoes are growing, slowly, as well as some of our more tropical potted plants. Soon, I’ll be starting onions. Here’s to an exciting year!


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