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I’m working on 2 posts a week, hopefully more as spring and summer get rolling around. I have so much happening around the yard and garden so I’ll try keeping everything documented.

Our favorite flowers from 2021

So, lets talk about some of the flowers we planted into our beds this year. Now, we’re just starting on the landscaping and have a long way to go, but we did uncover some really impressive gems this year! First off, I had to try out Honeywort. Honeywort has a soft, minty-blue foliage. As it…

Summer Project- 2021: The Front Wall

Not gunna lie, this was a ton of work, but I absolutely love how it turned out. A couple years ago we installed a tiered retaining wall on the north side of the property along our property line. It runs very close to our neighbors house, but the hill was a deathtrap to mow, and…

My Favorite Tomato- The Coyote!

I’ve been trying new tomatoes every year. Now, I’ve hunted down colors and shapes and sizes, looking for great tasting and high yielding tomatoes. 3 years ago, I found Coyote. Coyote seems somewhat hard to find. I’ve got a suspicion it’s more commonly known as White Current. The descriptions of the fruits are very similar.…

The two-bar trellis to end all trellis’!

I constructed a two-bar trellis for my tomatoes, and I will never go back. We all have good intentions about staking up our tomatoes. We get the cages, we get the posts, we have ties at hand. Those tomatoes always -ALWAYS- outgrow whatever support we give them. Yeah, we want to prune. Of course we’ll…


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Hi everyone! My name is Casey, and I’ve made it a bit of a personal mission to grow unique and interesting vegetables in my New York gardens in Zone 5b. Follow me as I find new veggies to grow in our boring gardens.

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