Our favorite flowers from 2021

So, lets talk about some of the flowers we planted into our beds this year. Now, we’re just starting on the landscaping and have a long way to go, but we did uncover some really impressive gems this year!

First off, I had to try out Honeywort. Honeywort has a soft, minty-blue foliage. As it prepares to flower, the ends of the stems take on a bluer hue and the dangling flower bells are purple. The plants probably could have been staked, but I loved how they cascaded over the north terrace. Bumblebees loved the flowers, and the large seeds were easy to collect for next year.

Next, we have something I was searching all over for- toad lily. Toad lily reminds me of an orchid. Multiple buds continuing to push out on the same stem. The leaves are similar in shape to lily-of-the-valley but follow the stem upwards. Mine is a variegated variety with green and white striped leaves. The roots even look a lot like an orchid- thick runners that will actually start forming more plants at the nodes. The flowers are small, but in the dense shade of the hosta bed, they really show beautifully! A great showy, perennial flower for shade.

Crocosmia was an awesome find! The tall plants held a stem of trumpet-like red flowers. We had the plants in their pots on the side of the driveway and were watching hummingbirds frequent the flowers- before they were even planted! There are a few different colors available, but we brought home a red variety. I can’t wait to see how much attention the birds give them next year! Since they are perennial, we are planning on spreading these throughout the landscape as they need dividing.

Finally, I can’t forget to mention cardinal basil. The flower heads on these plants were as big as my fist! I didn’t care to use it in cooking- it had a strong licorice flavor and scent. The flowers were a great addition to bouquets. It was a very sturdy plant and preformed great. The deep red flower heads really left an impression.


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