Our favorite flowers from 2021

So, lets talk about some of the flowers we planted into our beds this year. Now, we’re just starting on the landscaping and have a long way to go, but we did uncover some really impressive gems this year! First off, I had to try out Honeywort. Honeywort has a soft, minty-blue foliage. As itContinue reading “Our favorite flowers from 2021”

Summer Project- 2021: The Front Wall

Not gunna lie, this was a ton of work, but I absolutely love how it turned out. A couple years ago we installed a tiered retaining wall on the north side of the property along our property line. It runs very close to our neighbors house, but the hill was a deathtrap to mow, andContinue reading “Summer Project- 2021: The Front Wall”

My Favorite Tomato- The Coyote!

I’ve been trying new tomatoes every year. Now, I’ve hunted down colors and shapes and sizes, looking for great tasting and high yielding tomatoes. 3 years ago, I found Coyote. Coyote seems somewhat hard to find. I’ve got a suspicion it’s more commonly known as White Current. The descriptions of the fruits are very similar.Continue reading “My Favorite Tomato- The Coyote!”

The two-bar trellis to end all trellis’!

I constructed a two-bar trellis for my tomatoes, and I will never go back. We all have good intentions about staking up our tomatoes. We get the cages, we get the posts, we have ties at hand. Those tomatoes always -ALWAYS- outgrow whatever support we give them. Yeah, we want to prune. Of course we’llContinue reading “The two-bar trellis to end all trellis’!”

8 Kale I tried in 2021

Kale is one of those rewarding plants that I love growing. It grows fast. It produces a ton of food. It’s attractive in the garden. But, knowing what variety you’d most enjoy can be a bit overwhelming. I grew eight varieties in 2021. Let’s break them down! Red Russian is a fairly common variety thatContinue reading “8 Kale I tried in 2021”

5 Interesting Veggies for you to try

Obviously as a Bored Gardener, I’m always on the lookout for something new to grow. I love trying new foods, and it stands to reason that I’d love trying new ingredients. Here’s some veggies that aren’t too outlandish, and might help you dive into a whole new world of culinary possibilities. Let’s start, slow andContinue reading “5 Interesting Veggies for you to try”