The two-bar trellis to end all trellis’!

I constructed a two-bar trellis for my tomatoes, and I will never go back. We all have good intentions about staking up our tomatoes. We get the cages, we get the posts, we have ties at hand. Those tomatoes always -ALWAYS- outgrow whatever support we give them. Yeah, we want to prune. Of course we’llContinue reading “The two-bar trellis to end all trellis’!”

Sorting Seeds- What finally works for me

People say I have too many seeds. Heck, I think I have too many seeds! Regardless, I’ve had many different ways to keep them contained, but I think I finally found something that keeps my pattern-seeking human mind content. Initially, everything was kept in a ziplock bag. There was no organization, but it kept everythingContinue reading “Sorting Seeds- What finally works for me”