Sorting seeds on January 1

If you are anything like me, you have a pile of seeds, old and new, to work through. I defiantly need to make some sort of filing system!seeds.jpg

A lot of what I’m growing in the garden will be from seeds I start. I buy many of the seeds from Ebay. I’ve found a few vendors that I really like and have unique varieties of vegetables. I’ve tried Baker’s Creek. They have a nice variety of heirlooms, but they aren’t really a “secret”. I try to find those niche sellers that have something truly different.

This year, I found a couple new additions to the garden.  Last year was influenced by Asian cuisine. This year is influenced by root vegetables.

After a little digging (no pun intended) I was able to finally find Oca. Oca is a tuber, like potatoes, that are native to South America. They take a long time to grow, but I’m eager to try cooking with them. Apparently they have a lemony taste, so they may pair nicely with fish.

I have ginger growing right now! Ginger is more tropical, so I’m starting it early on my seed table. I’ve been using a lot of ginger at home, so this will be an exciting addition!ginger.jpg

Egyptian walking onion are a perennial onion that self propagates from the flower heads. Similar to garlic, the flower tops form small bulbs that fall over to the ground and grow more onions. We’ll see how these stack up to other onions in flavor and storage.

There’s more, but I need to keep some secrets! Thanks for checking out The Bored Gardener!




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  1. Keith S says:

    I have many seed packets, so many I can’t give them away. I’ll have to get on top of sowing them in the Spring and Summer 2021. There’s a chance some could be sown now but I’ve enough to deal with for now in the garden and house. Like your style. Good on ya 🙂


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