November’s Still Growing!

I swear, I’m going to pay better attention to the blog! Summer picks up and it just feels nonstop with all the projects going on.

Anyways, the garden beds are still producing, even after a couple frosts and a couple inches of snow.

Bok Choi, looking great.

Autumn and Winter have a whole new set of veggies, mostly leafy ones that can handle the cold snaps. Bok Choi has become a staple for the garden. I’m surprised that it’s starting to bolt, even with the cold we’ve been having!

The kale’s I’m growing this year have been phanominal! I’ve never been a kale-eater until this year. I guess, if you think you don’t like it, keep trying it. We use it as chips and in soups. These two have great color and have grown so well all Summer long. Now, mid November, they still grow great!

This year’s new veggie find was Tatsoi. A great, little, leafy green from Asia. It’s a bit mustard-y raw and spinach-y when cooked, and I love it. I grew it in the Spring with good results, but the cabbage butterfly worms loved it.. I think it makes a great Winter green- beautiful deep green spoon-shaped leaves with white stems. Try this out if you like spinach.

Tatsoi- what a wonderful leafy veg!

And, finally, the lettuces are still growing! I noticed some of my seeds were starting to peter out- how can anyone go through a thousands seeds of each lettuce!? I decided to use up a few of my older seeds and get ready to replace with some fun, new varieties this spring. Oakleaf is a mainstay in the garden, as is the bibb (buttercrunch) and red salad bowl lettuce. I’ve got some fun, new types of lettuces to try next year!



  1. Keith S says:

    You’ve been doing really well with the veg growing. Good job. I will be starting in 2021 with a bit of veg growing. Not done veg growing for years, used to have an allotment as well as the family garden, we had such bumper crops and some failures, too. All that was years a go though. Cheers for now.


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